Changes to Flickr = Booooooo!

I don’t like the forced large photos…it’s harder to engage in the comment sections, they truncate the comments even when there’s only 3 or 4 there!

The front page is hideous. The contacts page is slightly better, but there’s no option to get out of the justified setting right now (that may change?) Well the option is there, nothing happens when you try to switch to small images. Also, you can’t get to the bottom of the page, the pics just keep loading.

For me, Flickr was about community above all else. It isn’t a portfolio site, you should have your own website for that. All the changes have made it more difficult to navigate and more difficult to interact. Sure the photos look nice all big like that, but only if they are in higher resolution, something many people don’t feel comfortable uploading.

Also, my Pro account is meaningless now. The new tier system is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone gets a terabyte of free storage, great. Free level gets ads (and what is that going to look like, I wonder). The next level up, just to get rid of ads, is 50 bucks a year, twice what a pro membership was. The level after that? ABSURD: you get one more terabyte of storage, no ads, for FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS a year. You can buy an external terabyte drive for 100 bucks or less. Who on earth would pay that??

They’ve created some Frankenstein-like monster of a site, incorporating Facebook, 500px, Tumblr, and Instagram and declaring from the rooftops that this is the cutest baby ever.

In addition to all of this, there was NO WARNING this was going to happen. None. I’ve rolled with a LOT of changes and been nonplussed. Facebook freakouts are not for me. Flickr has had changes that made people scream and I stayed on board. I’ve been there since 2005. I have a lot of history there and a lot of love for the Flickr community. I’m really disappointed in this. I will give it a little time and try to get used to it, but damn. Why they gotta go and do that??

/end whine.